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Guitar Lessons

Guitar training is given a different approach at Musically Speaking Studios.


First, we don't teach students from a workbook or regimented lesson plan, as we believe every student is different from the next and deserves specialized training. Second, we don't start students off with months of boring sight-reading drills and music theory. We start the students with what they came here learn how to play the instrument! Then after the student develops the knowledge and correct motor skills to play their instrument, sight-reading and music theory are introduced to take them to the next level of performance. As with all instruments, we stress songwriting to open up the student's creative side and help them to not only become players of their favorite music, but to create their own as well. Whether your interest is in acoustic, electric or bass guitar and you want to learn any style of music from jazz to heavy metal, our instructors can show you the way.



$150 per month (30 minute lesson, once per week)

*Lessons are paid monthly

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