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Stephen Childs

Stephen Childs has been a professional recording engineer, vocal instructor, and music producer for more than 25 years.

Starting with an internship at the elite Kajem recording studio in Philadelphia PA. and working with other producers such as Grammy award winner David Ivory, Stephen has developed a skill and ear to turn any musical project into a radio ready final product.

Stephen is also known globally for his voice coaching abilities. This skill enables him to help vocalists perform to there utmost potential in the vocal booth. Along with this, he is also equally versed on guitar, bass and drum engineering which means ,he will understand the vision that you have for your music, and provide an incredible sounding final product. 


For booking or availability:

Studio: (856) 228-0208

Email: musicallyspeaking777@gmail.com



Bill Kennedy

Billy K. has been a professional musician, recording engineer, and songwriter for over 20 years. Writing / producing music has always been Billy's passion and he is proficient in his ability to create melodic and memorable songs as well as capturing the sound his clients desire.


From hip hop to EDM to pop, Billy always strives to achieve an amazing listening experience. Utilizing his advanced knowledge of Pro Tools, he is able to capture the sound and feel of every song he creates. Assisting him with his visions, Billy also works with a team of musicians, singers, rappers, and producers who all contribute to great sounding final products. 


For booking or availability:

Studio: (856) 228-0208

Cell: (215) 704-9766

Email: billykmusic@gmail.com

Personal Website: www.billykmusic.com