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Musically Speaking Studios was founded by Stephen Childs and has been a standard for contemporary voice training over the past 25 years. Musically Speaking has trained thousands of singers, many of which have become professional vocalists.


Our approach is to train voice within the perspective of science wrapped up in art. We believe the more you know, the better you will be. Ultimately, we want our students to become their own voice teachers, being able to correct mistakes on the spot and continually grow to become more skillful on their own. 



How virtual lessons work

Over the past decade Musically Speaking has proven that online lessons are an excellent

approach to develop yourself as a skilled singer without ever leaving the comfort of your

home. If you want to develop your vocal tone, increase your singing range, learn how to

get over stage fright or develop your own unique style, we truly know how to get you

there in the shortest time possible.











Following are examples of how we work with vocal clients online:

Vocal Exercises
  • All students will be given vocal exercises custom fit for their vocal needs.

  • The first set of vocal exercises will be made before your session by your coach and sent to you before your scheduled lesson time.

  • All new vocal exercises will be custom made during your session time and will reflect whatever specific difficulties you are facing. If there is something you cannot sing, you will be given the proper tools to help you work through it.

  • During your lesson, your coach may have you sing along with those exercises while taking detailed notes. You will be given feedback so you will know exactly how to properly practice the exercises throughout the next week.

  • Note: We prefer you use a separate device to play the pre-recorded exercises (i.e. Phone, Laptop or Desktop) other than the one you will be using for your virtual lesson.

Voice Theory

We believe that practice doesn't necessarily mean perfect. The truth is, we must first practice “perfectly” in order to reach perfection. To do this, we must understand the “whys” and “hows” of voice, so that we are taking the guesswork out of singing. In fact, singing is known to be roughly 98% psychological. That means the more we accurately know, the better we will be. Throughout your training we will embark on several detailed studies on the following subjects:

  • English phonetics

  • Vocal tone

  • Vocal acting

  • Mechanics of the human voice

  • Breathing techniques

  • Vocal health

  • Vocal performance

Song Coaching

Your teacher will watch and carefully listen to you as you sing your chosen song. You will be provided detailed notes and verbal instructions on what needs to be corrected and how exactly to correct it. Through this, all of the theory learned thus far will be applied to the song itself turning you into your own personal voice teacher!


One of the most important, and eye-opening, aspects of our vocal lessons is achieved through recording. This is done using your personal and recording into our recording apps or programs. We then take your recording and professionally mix and master it in our state-of-the-art recording studio. The final recording can be used for our Facebook group, your own personal YouTube channel or wherever else you would like to showcase your gifts!

The best part of this approach is that we can show you the corrections we made to your recording. This will help you better visualize, and therefore understand, your areas of improvement.​

Advanced vocal training
Vocal Performance

This is designed to train singers on how best to perform for stage. Developing performance skills is essential to being a well-rounded singer and performing artist.


Developing an ear to harmonize is a very important skill for any singer. We will go over the theory surrounding harmony and utilize special exercises to achieve this goal.


Did you ever want to be able to add fancy scales within your songs like so many of your favorite artists? We have new techniques and exercises to help you riff like the pros.

Introduction to the Music Industry

One of the most common questions we receive is, “How can I make it in music? Is it all luck?” We have a full training series given by Desiree Childs who holds a degree in music business from Berkeley College and has years of experience as a full-time professional singer.

Online Facebook Group

We are excited to announce that we have created a Musically Speaking Online Facebook group so you can connect to us and other Musically Speaking vocal students.

In the group you be able to:

  • Be a part of fun, LIVE sessions hosted by our vocal coaches

  • Post your recordings and/or videos so you can be encouraged by other students and be given constructive feedback. This will be a huge part of our vocal performance lessons!

  • Receive vocal tips and special videos from instructors

  • Ask questions about your training

  • Post funny, encouraging or informative videos (i.e. your favorite singer performing, song of the week, your own videos, etc.)

  • Promote your upcoming talent show, musical or gig

  • Post about musical achievements (Got the lead in the school play? Post it here. Got a recording you're proud of? Post it here)

  • Post pictures and bios of yourself so other students can get to know you

  • Collaborate on songs with other students or post new vocal exercises that you love

Getting Started
What you need
  • Skype - download the free software onto your desktop or the Skype App to your phone or iPad. We prefer you do not use a phone to view lessons as having a large screen is easier to follow.

  • If you and your teacher decide on using Zoom, you will be sent an email with your meeting time, link and password.

  • External wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers or headphones

  • A quiet, personal place to hear instruction and to comfortably sing in full voice.

  • A notebook

  • Water

Cost and Payment

$120.00 a month

Lessons will be a half-hour once a week.

All correspondence and questions are welcome at any time during the day throughout the week.

Below are the ways we can receive your payment:

  • Venmo - @StephenChilds or @DezChilds

  • Cash App - $DezChilds

  • Paypal - We can send you an invoice

  • Check by Mail - All checks can be made out to Musically Speaking Studios and mailed to 310 South Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, NJ 08012

  • Directly through Skype - Skype offers direct payment through its platform using PayPal. Talk with your coach during your lesson as to how to do that.

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