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Copyright 2019 Musically Speaking Studios

310 South Black Horse Pike

Blackwood, NJ 08012

Voice Lessons

Instructors: Stephen Childs, Dez Childs, Courtney Halpin
Voice training has been the hallmark of Musically Speaking Studios for over 25 years. Musically Speaking Studios has trained literally hundreds of singers, many of which are professionals in the music business. Each student is treated as an individual, with his or her own specific strengths and weaknesses, as no two singers can fall into the same regimen of instruction. Practice CD's or MP3's are made for each student during the lessons. Periodically, the student is recorded (in our professional recording studio) while they sing (and get coached on) any song of their choice, which is then professionally mixed and sent to the student via email or CD. When a student is ready to take their music to the next level we offer a complete Artist Development Program.



Rates: $150 per month


*Lessons are 30 minutes once per week

*Please call if you require longer or more frequent lessons