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Voice Lessons

Singing Lessons in South Jersey

Are you looking for singing lessons in south Jersey?

Do you want professional input and instruction to help develop and nurture your voice?


If so, Musically Speaking Studios can help with the aid of our three professional singing instructors, Stephen Childs, Dez Childs and Courtney Halpin.


Singing lessons and voice training has been the hallmark of Musically Speaking Studios for over 25 years. We have provided singing lessons in south Jersey for literally hundreds of singers, many of which are professional singers in the music business.


Our goal with our vocal lessons is to teach, improve and hone your vocal skills. We also teach you how to identify and correct your own mistakes. Self correction is a cornerstone to being able to grow as a singer.


Our approach is to teach and to help you truly understand what vocal training is all about.


Our singing lessons in South Jersey focus on the individual. We treat each student based on your own strengths and weaknesses and focus on building all aspects of your vocal talent to develop you in your style. No two singers are the same and so our instruction builds around each individual rather than a one size fits all approach.


We offer two approaches to our singing lessons. We provide both online and in studio lessons.


Check out our online voice lessons page to learn about our online program.


We are based on South Black Horse Pike in Blackwood with ample parking out front.

What Singing Lessons do We Offer at Musically Speaking Studios?

We take students of all ages and cater from beginner voice lessons through to advanced voice coaching sessions to help develop and improve your voice.

Beginner Singing Lessons in South Jersey


We coach you in such things as:

  • Proper Breathing Techniques 

  • Maintaining Pitch

  • Developing Vocal Tone

  • Increasing Vocal Range

  • Increasing Vocal Strength

  • Proper posture

  • Improving Vocal Performance

And more


Every vocal student is unique. Each has their own set of strengths or weaknesses and so we train and coach based on your needs.

We help you to analyze your own performances and identify your areas of weakness.


Exercise CDs or mp3s are created each week and given to you to practice and learn from. These exercises are tailor made for you based on your needs.


We understand there is no one size fits all so our exercises are unique to each student.


During instruction, you will also get o choose one song of your choice to practice and develop over time.


Once both you and your coach are happy with how you have progressed on the song, you will then get to record it and have it professionally mixed at our studios to create a finished product.


Your very own cover!


We then come back together and discuss improvements that can be made as we develop skills further.


Performing to an Audience after South Jersey Singing Lessons


In all cases, we also offer all our students the ability to show off what they have learned in specially scheduled singing performances at the studio where friends and family can come and hear the difference for themselves!


How would your friends and family react to seeing you perform live?


If you are interested in learning more about what our singing lessons in south Jersey can do for you, please contact us today on (856) 228-0208.


We would love to speak with you and to learn of your goals and aspirations as a singer and what we can do for you.

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